Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl!

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A cake for the girl who is the reason Crumbs Cakery exists!
When I became pregnant with my daughter I craved cake ALL.THE.TIME. I ate it nearly every day. This led me to think about her 1st birthday cake before she was even born. After 3 boys, knowing I was having a daughter was a wonderful surprise and her cake just had to be super girly. I started practicing making cakes and fondant and I was hooked. I finally found my calling. The past 4+ years have been an amazing journey and I have the most incredible daughter to thank for it. I couldn’t be more thankful for this life I live. Thank you all so much for continuing to support Crumbs Cakery which in turn supports my dreams and most importantly, my family. Happy Birthday Baby Girl.
~Amy~ xoxo

Mommy & Emily

Me with my daughter on her 4th birthday!

Dora Cake

My daughter’s 4th birthday cake.

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